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I kind of devoted my life to foreign languages and I really want to live abroad for a few (or a few million) reasons.

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Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Seth Meyers


TCR | 2007.03.12 | It reads: “Dear Stephen, As editor-in-chief of Marvel, I am burdened with the handling of our character’s estates and the sad event that a hero should perish before his time. Captain America’s will was read last Friday, and while heavy hearted, I am proud to announce the star spangled Avenger has bequeathed his most valuable possession, his indestructible shield, to the only man he believed had the red, white, and blue balls to carry the mantle. Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the Marvel Universe. Sincerely, Joe Quesada.

How can you but just love this?

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rather than saying that it gets easier or it gets better, what if we just drew a line, y’know, like we said “This far and no fucking further” like ‘the world can have this, the world can say this, the world can broadcast this, but at this point, this is me and who i am and who i’m going to be’

it’s actually the idea behind this entire album, especially behind this song, that at some point you have to stand up for yourself and it’s ok that you’re different and it’s ok that it doesn’t get easier because you can go out into the world and wear songs like this as your armour, or art that you do as your armor or you’re weird fuckin hair colour or whatever it is. At some point you draw the line and you say to the world “IS THAT ALL YOU FUCKING GOT?!”


— Pete Wentz introducing My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark in Sydney (25/10/13)

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If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys

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remember that one time in the 80s when tony said betraying steve felt like digging his heart out with an ice cream scoop


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I love that you can clearly see Evans go “SHIT” and Stan go “WOW” and Scarlett definitely reacts, but then plays it off like it’s no big deal. 

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"I sat in the dark and thought: There’s no big apocalypse. Just an endless procession of little ones."

—  Neil Gaiman, Signal to Noise (via ymutate)

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imagine jim and bones high fiving each other now and then and spock assuming they’re in an S&M relationship because they keep spanking each other’s hands





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Expo, an Iron Man fanvid by lim
Music: Turn Up The Faders by Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Thanks to Cesperanza and Astolat

HD download will be available on /lim shortly.

Do yourself a favor and watch this vid instantly, because HOLY CRAP, from the first moment I saw a section I was all, OK, so Marvel was just a warm-up? This vid blows me away so hard. I have rarely seen any vid that so effectively does first person POV, that really puts you inside a character’s head like this one does. It’s such a cool experience, whether you’re a fan of Tony or not. 

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